Merger between OTO FILM and TANK

OTO FILM and TANK – merger of values, community of benefits

Early October marks the beginning of a brand new business relationship between OTO FILM Studio and TANK production company.

Boards and owners of both entities decided to merge their companies, and consequently their strengths: many years of industry experience, earned trust of their clients and achieved successes.

The undertaking, innovative on such a scale on the marketing communications market, aims at strengthening their position in the area of film production, including promotional, feature, video content creation, new media, film post-production, and services for international projects.

In this new venture, Jacek Kulczycki will become the CEO and the President of the Board, while Magdalena Olak, alongside receiving shares in OTO FILM, will become the Vice-President of the Board and Managing Director of OTO FILM.

The new OTO Board intends to modify the business model of the new company, rebuild its organisational structure, move its seat, and rebrand. These processes will be implemented by mid-2021.

Previous achievements and awards, both in marketing and feature film competitions have built up the strong position of both companies. Head of TANK Magdalena Olak and Jacek Kulczycki, OTO FILM President, are founding members of the industry association – The Advertising Producers Club (KPR), a section of the SAR Marketing Communication Association. They sat together on the KPR Board, they are both active in the Club’s work for educating and improving standards in advertising production, as well as strengthening the role of advertising producers. They both participated in the competition Adwo/MAN 2019 – in the category of Studios and Production Houses, in which Magdalena Olak received a nomination, and Jacek Kluczycki was the winner.

Presidents and owners of both companies share many values and the vision of building a modern company, capable of responding to the challenges of dynamically changing marketing communications industry.

            “The decision to merge was dictated by the will to create an even better production offer, based on our many years of experience, relationship-building skills and sound business foundations of both companies,” Jacek Kulczycki emphasises. According to the President and CEO of OTO FILM Studio, “together we will work on increasing the creative role of producers in partnership-based relations with our clients.”

Magdalena Olak, in her new role as OTO FILM Vice-President, believes that “The merger of TANK with OTO FILM is an example of the whole greater than the sum of its parts, where new quality is created as the outcome of the experiences of both companies and their employees, as well as developing new services and products for both the domestic and international market. Our companies belong to the creative industry which is constantly changing, creating new solutions based on new technologies and products, it is managing increasingly difficult challenges, breaking budget and production barriers. We want to be a modern, thriving, reliable, and above all, quality partner with the key producers’s role and a broad range of services to offer our clients,” Magdalena Olak concludes.  “Of no small importance is the fact that our approaches to the company vision and its development converge.”

OTO FILM – one of the longest operating and prominent film studios in Poland was established in 1992 by Jacek Kulczycki, majority shareholder and company CEO/President. OTO FILM has released close to 3,000 productions for advertising campaigns of leading brands in Poland, including Jeronimo Martins’ Biedronka, Kompania Piwowarska, T-Mobile, McDonald’s, P4 Play, NC+, Coca-Cola, Ferrero, in collaboration with leading advertising agencies, ad creators and filmmakers. As a film studio, OTO FILM also works on major advertising and film productions under contracts secured with international clients and advertisers, including Marken Film, Casta Diva Pictures, and Great Guns.

The award-winning Orka film post-production studio and Cafe Ole sound post-production company are its subsidiary companies and close collaborators. Both entities are owned by Jacek Kulczycki (majority shareholder).

Created in 2006, TANK is managed by Magdalena Olak, who holds 100% of shares, and acts as the company CEO/President of the Board. Magdalena has extensive production, advertising and agency experience – she set out on her industry path as a producer in advertising agencies, went on to manage the Saatchi&Saatchi in-house production company, and eventually became the founder and President of TANK. Under Olak’s direction, TANK has produced close to 200 films, mostly advertising, it was also co-producer of the feature film “Dolce fine giornata” awarded at the Sundance Film Festival and International Festival of Independent Cinema OFF CAMERA. From the beginning, TANK collaborated with leading advertising agencies in Poland, working on campaigns for major advertising brands, including T-Mobile, IKEA, Huawei, Lotos, Kompania Piwowarska.


More details/contact: Jacek Kulczycki, Magdalena Olak

Jacek Kulczycki,  tel. 505 003 001

Magdalena Olak ,  tel. 502 436 627